Hunting Whitetail in Saskatchewan is a place where dreams come true, as you just never know what might walk out in front of you and Saskatchewan is known for big deer! Our deer population is very healthy with plenty of mature, heavy dark racked bucks to be hunted and even more up and comers for the future as well. We hunt the southern most forest fringe in Saskatchewan, which is the best of both worlds for the deer. Plenty of food on the farmland with the cover of the forest or treed areas in close proximity and we even have some spots deeper in the forest for those more adventurous, where the deer may have never seen a field. Many people will ask how many acres we hunt and here we go by square miles and my best guess is we can hunt 200-300 Square miles but permission is needed on private farmland.

Our hunting pressure is very low compared to most places in the USA. We hunt over active bait sites from ground blinds or pop ups (heated if wanted) and we have something for everyone. Tight spots in treed areas for those who feel that big buck might be more comfortable to visit during the day or fence lines and more open areas which allow more visibility, but most our baits are with in 100 yards. Our lodge is located in the middle of our hunting area, so long drives early in the morning for those opposed are not necessary as some of our sites are with in a few miles of camp. We also carefully monitor cameras at each site so we know who is visiting and how often and you will have a better idea which buck you are hunting/targeting.

We offer 6 day fully guided hunts in the November rifle season from our lodge in Swan Plain. Once you get to camp, we take care of the travel to and from blinds as well as skinning/capping of your trophy for your trip home. Taxidermy and meat cutting can be arranged for an extra cost if wanted or your meat can be donated to a local farmer on your behalf. We start the day off with a hot breakfast and a bagged lunch is provided while you are in the stand and after the days hunt we have a 3 coarse meal and relax by the fire, tell stories from the day or maybe watch the game of the night.

Please call for pricing or more information