Northern Spring BLACK BEAR

Now my northern spring black bear hunt is just not your normal bear hunt! For this hunt we head much further north in Saskatchewan and set up a tent camp in the middle of bear country. These bears are just not used to seeing people and for the most part do not show much fear of people, so close contact is a definite possibility. We even have a hard time keeping them out of camp! We have had tremendous success since I bought this area 5 years ago and the pictures will show that 2019 topped them all! My personal theory is that each year we keep finding new bait sites along with baiting the existing sites year after year, the bears start to know and use those sites in their travels to find mating partners and the bears just keep coming, with new bear showing up all the time. 

With this hunt operating out of a tent camp and although I can not guide for fishing, with a Saskatchewan fishing license you can fish all you want in the 100's of lakes or rivers in the area. I consider this to be a GREAT OUTDOOR EXPERIENCE, not just a bear hunt! All though the hunt is a 5 day hunt which normally starts on Mondays, I allow people to be at camp from Saturday to Saturday. If we can start hunting early we will as my goal is to get good bears not count days! If not, you can try your luck to catch some fresh fish for supper but most people do not regret a couple extra days in this beautiful place!!!

There is a lot to know about this hunt, before deciding to book, so I suggest calling me for more info and to ask questions and I can also explain the cost as well. There is also a bit more info in the accommodations page as well. Look forward to showing you what we got.