The Lodge


My main lodge is located in the hamlet of Swan Plain in the east central part of Saskatchewan. This is where I host my whitetail deer and fall bear clients. The lodge is centrally located in my hunting area and although I do have spots a little further/harder to get too, for those looking for a more relaxing hunt, could be as simple as a short drive and walk away.


The lodge is roughly 3  1/2 hour drive from Regina, 4 hours from Saskatoon and 6 hours from Winnipeg, all on paved highway. It has most the amenities of home, 4 guest rooms, each with 2 beds and their own bathroom, open kitchen/living room area with wood burning stove and satellite TV and a washer and dryer if needed as well.



My northern spring bear camp is a little harder/further to get to but that's what makes it so good, as there just isn't many people around. We set up a tent camp each year, which can be moved if needed. We try to make it as comfortable as possible. We have a kitchen facility with a double propane burner, toaster, coffee maker and all pots and pans etc. Outside is a couple BBQ's and a fish fry propane burner. We have a shower room at the back of the kitchen and outhouse up the hill but watch the electric fence we use to keep bears out. We have Cabelas cots in the tents but you need to bring your own pillow and sleeping bag.


Camp is located in the middle of bear country, 130 KM north of Pine House Lake or depending on the weather/road 6 hours from Prince Albert, 7 1/2 hours from Saskatoon. Although my area consists of  roughly 15,000 Sq. miles maybe more, right now we are hunting about a 85 mile stretch along the road by truck, so no long quad rides at this time. Northern Saskatchewan is full of untouched beauty with 100"s and 100's of lakes and rivers to explore.